The Machines

Standard Machine Specifications OP : Option
Item Specifications
Max. machining diameter ø13mm (1/2 in)
Max. headstock stroke 205mm (8 in)
Tool Number of tools 6 tools
Tool shank 10mm x 80~130mm
3-spindle attachment Number of tools Stationary tool 3 tools (One more tool can be added :OP)
Power-driven tool 1 tool (tool can be added :OP)
Max. drilling capacity Stationary tool ø7mm (9/32 in)
Differential speed drilling tool ø4mm (5/32 in) :OP
Max. tapping capacity Stationary tool M6 x P1.0
Differential speed tapping tool M2.5 x P0.45 :OP
Main spindle speed 12,000min-1
Main spindle motor AC spindle motor 2.2kw(continuous)/3.7kw(15min./50%ED)
Power-driven att. spindle speed 8,000min-1
Power-driven att. drive motor Inverter motor 0.75kw
Coolant tank capacity 95 litres
Coolant motor 0.18kw
Coolant Non-water soluble coolant, water soluble coolant
Dimension (WxDxH) 1,425 x 680 x 1,635mm
Weight 1,450kg
Power Consumption 5.0KVA
Note) The above machining capacities apply to S45C (AiSI 1045, DIN C45) material.
The machining capacities may differ from listed values depending on the machining conditions, such as the material to be machined or the tools to be used.
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